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The application has been paid. When will my wallet be replenished?
Transfer to your wallet after payment of the application is made almost instantly. If this does not happen (within 20 minutes), check the status of the application in the "Exchange operations" section of your account, if there are no errors, contact the "Online Help" support service.
Is it possible to cancel an application?
A completed order is irreversible, i.e. such request is non-refundable. If the application has been paid, but has not yet been completed, you can return your funds (minus the transfer fee) by writing to the "Online Help" support service.
Can I pay you directly to my wallet?
Absolutely not. Such operations are prohibited on the MULTIVAL website, only through an application on the website. Direct payments will be refunded minus the payment system fee for the transfer.
What are your commissions?
All commissions are already included in the exchange and are displayed at the stage of registration of the application, including the commission for the transfer of the payment system.
I entered the wrong wallet number for receiving funds. What to do?
Unfortunately, payments made cannot be cancelled. If the wallet number is incorrect, then the payment will not reach. In this case, please contact us, we will refund the payment minus the transfer fee.
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Быстро и четко, ркомендую


Всё прошло быстро и чётко, без нареканий. Рекомендую!

2023-09-26Сергей Донцов

Очень быстро, низкая минималка, хороший курс.


Быстро и оперативно, курс хороший Рекомендую, пушка


Всем спасибо, обменяли очень быстро, я даже  отойти  не успел


Менял адвакеш на Сбер . Операция заняла около 30 минут. так как Банк затребовал подтверждение. Поддержка работает хорошо и быстро ответили. Деньги пришли, все хорошо.


Благодарю за оперативную работу.

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