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Partnership program

Multival invites site owners and administrators to join our affiliate program. For this you need:
Register as a user on the website https://multival.is
Choose your favorite banner.
Place your favorite banner on your blog or website.
Invite your friends using a personal affiliate link, which is available in the client's account
After you have placed a banner or given an affiliate link to a friend, each client who goes to the multival.is website by clicking on the banner and performs an operation using our service is considered a client attracted by you as a partner of the service. From each such transaction made by attracted customers on the site multival.is, the partner receives a profit as a percentage of the profit of the service. The percentage deducted to the partner depends on the level of the partner. The higher the level, the greater the share of the profit the partner receives. The amount of the discount for personal exchanges is also calculated based on the level of the partner. The partner level is determined by the total volume of transactions (both personal and invited clients) according to the following formula:
Total Volume = Personal Volume + (Customer Volume) / 3
Affiliate Program Levels
Partner level Total volume of transactions in USD currency Personal discount
(in % of the profit of the Service) Profit from client exchanges
(as a % of the Service's profit)
1 100 5 5
2 1000 16 16
3 10000 25 25
4 100000 33 33
5 1000000 50 50
If a client referred by a partner makes an operation on the service without registering, he is still considered to be a referred client as long as it is technically possible to unambiguously establish a connection between this client and the partner (determined through a cookie stored on the client side at the time of the first transition to the Service website from the partner's website).
Our affiliate program is attractive in that with the growth of the number of clients attracted by you, your profit grows not only quantitatively, but also as a percentage of the volume of operations performed by attracted clients.
We are glad to cooperate with various Internet resources. Advertising the distribution of bonuses is not prohibited, however, please note that partners receive profit only for transactions made through our service, and not for transitions to the service website. The use of sending emails (known as SPAM) for the purpose of advertising our service is strictly prohibited. In case of complaints from e-mail owners about such mailings, partners' accounts will be deleted with a complete loss of earned funds.
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Спасибо большое,за быстрый перевод денежных средств,очень быстро сделала обмен и в течение 5 мин деньги поступили на карту


Все быстро, спасибо.


быстро и четко. супер. спасибо


Спасибо большое! Все пришло. Супер!

2022-12-04Buy Cash

Amazing and fast :) Thanks


btc-tinkoff за 15мин. без вопросов, рекомендуем!



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